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The Melbourne Mum: Living in a Land Down Under

Hi, grab a coffee, pull up a chair! Welcome to The Melbourne Mum. Let’s talk about emigrating to Melbourne.

This website aims to provide lots of useful information to anyone who is thinking of emigrating to Melbourne, giving you insights from my own experience in making the big move, along with practical day-to-day info about living in Melbourne. Even if you are just curious about what it’s like to live in Australia, read on.

I am, indeed, a Mum in Melbourne. Five years ago I made the big trip Down Under from the UK with my family – husband, 3 teens, and a big soft yellow Labrador.

After months of form-filling, packing our house, endless leaving parties, and lots of teary goodbyes, we finally made it. We got off the plane in Melbourne, bleary-eyed and more than a little shell-shocked, wondering what on earth we had done. We had the key to our rental house door and places secured at the local high school. Apart from 5 suitcases, we were without all our worldly goods as our furniture was on a container ship somewhere in the Suez Canal.

The trip from the airport to our new home was surreal, especially as we had left one of our teens behind in the UK to finish his university degree and the dog was having a little mini-break at a facility somewhere near Heathrow, before boarding a separate flight to reach us via Singapore a few weeks after we had touched down.

I was lucky to be welcomed straight away by the wife of my husband’s colleague and we shared some fun times as she quite literally, grabbed my hand, took me around and showed me the ropes. She remains one of my closest friends. We drank lots of coffee and still do. One of my first lessons: if you’re going to live in Melbourne you gotta drink good coffee!

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Emigrating to Melbourne

It is within the spirit of our coffee time chats and adventures that I would like to share my experiences with you. I’m not an immigration agent, a removalist, or a travel specialist, but I do have lots of stories about the challenges I’ve faced and hope that you will find heaps of useful, practical, and maybe even some fun bits of information here.

I’m talking about all those bits and pieces of info you wish a friend had told you before you came. This is the website I never had when faced with some pretty major decisions about our future. From the serious stuff like where to sign up for medical cover, to the less serious, but equally important stuff like where to buy your favourite products from home, or how to pay when you catch a bus, train or tram!

Emigrating to Melbourne is probably one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. Melbourne is consistently voted one of the top cities to live in the world. If you are considering a move Down Under or, in fact, you are already getting settled, I’d love you to join our community. I’m sure we’ve all got lots of great stories to share.

Now, what’s it to be? Long-black? Flat white? Soy latte?

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