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Reading has always been a huge part of my life and provides great support during challenging times.  I thought I’d regularly share my latest reads with you here, to provide inspiration for your own book corner.

Becoming: The Sunday Times Number One Bestseller

Michelle Obama. Wow, what a woman!

No matter what you think about American politics, this book is a fabulous read.  

Michelle Obama, raised in the South Side of Chicago, grew up with incredibly strong family foundations and was brought up with solid values which have kept her fully grounded throughout her life, but no more so than when she became First Lady.

She comes across as a bright, incredibly smart and loving person, motivated from a very early age to get the most out of her education.  I had no idea that she was a Harvard-qualified lawyer or that she mentored Barack when he was a law student interning at the firm where Michelle was already working as a high-powered corporate lawyer.

She stepped away from her corporate job into public service roles, working hard to advocate for educating and mentoring young people, particularly from diverse and often disadvantaged backgrounds in her local community.  She continued working on these and similar initiatives during her time at the White House, leveraging her position of First Lady, whilst supporting Barack and her two children as a very strong, principled, down-to-earth wife and mother.  She is still heavily involved in major outreach projects to this day, using her platform as a public figure to continue her work.

During the course of the book we learn a lot about the person behind the public figure, as well as some insight into her relationship with Barack.  They both come across as incredibly authentic, warm and caring people.  My only disappointment comes at the end of the book when Michelle states categorically that she will never run for President herself!

Reading this book has inspired me to go on and read Barack’s autobiography and I have also signed up to The Michelle Obama Podcast, where her first broadcast is an interview with the man himself.  She also talks to many of the other people who have been influential in her life, including her mother, brother, and first mentor in public service.  

If like me, this book really piques your interest in Michelle Obama, she can also be found on Instagram and Facebook, where she describes herself as the “Girl from the South Side and former First Lady.  Wife, mother, dog lover.  Always hugger-in-chief” – I think this sums up the amazing human that she is!

I found this a hugely inspirational story, but don’t just take my word for it, click on the image above and have a look at the thousands of customer reviews on Amazon.

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