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A United Kingdom flag blowing in the wind against a blue sky. 5 Things British Expats in Melbourne Miss About the UK. 2

5 Things British Expats in Melbourne Miss About the UK

Having sworn to myself that I would not be mentioning anything relating to Covid-19 on this website, I can’t help noticing that lots of ex-pat Brits in Melbourne are talking about the things they miss about the UK, and the reality is that some are even talking of moving back there permanently, seemingly as a result of the global pandemic. Some people that have been here for just a couple of years and haven’t had the chance to explore and settle before lockdowns hit are feeling very isolated and wondering if they have made a mistake in emigrating to Australia,...

Sunglasses, passport, hat and toy plane. How to survive the long haul to Australia. 4

How to Survive the Long Haul to Australia

I had it in mind to publish this post when international borders are fully open and we are once more free to travel.  However, that seems like such a long way off, so I thought I would exercise my freedom to dream.  I know that there are so many people out there longing to see family and friends again, so let’s get prepared for the day when we can start to make travel plans. I’ll never forget the first words of my dear sister-in-law when we greeted her in the arrivals hall at Melbourne Airport: “God it’s a bloody long...